This game is more like relaxing memories of summer, with no time limit, and missed conversations/interactions can be unlocked after the ending.

However, there are many interactive plots. Although there are only three target targets, watching them all is not inferior to Summer Memories.

The strategy is simple and has hints. It is recommended to interact more and have a look. There will be different plots/dialogues at different times/places/situations. If it really doesn't work, go to [The Secret of the Maid] to check the trigger method.

After the character guide is completed, it will be recalled to before giving out the ring, all dialogues and interactions of the reviewed character will be released, and 100 WP and IP points will be awarded. There is no need to worry about leaving a save before the ending, and you can keep playing.

Remember to install patches for some plots, which are available on the official website.

Control method

Move: Left click: WASD, ↑↓←→

OK: Left click, Z, Enter

Cancel: right click, X, Backspace

Menu: Right click, X, ESC

Switch prank skills: Q, E

Prank Skill: Space

Conversation fast forward/time acceleration: Ctrl

Status History: F

Conversation history: R, TAB

Description of each attribute

MP (Action Points): It will be consumed every time you have a conversation or interaction. When it reaches zero, it will jump directly to the next time point. Moving more or buying props at night can increase the upper limit. 

MP can buy juice props (restores a large amount of MP and 30 desire points), canteen kitchen (once in the morning and afternoon, restores a large amount of MP and 30 desire points), and rests in the maid's bed (returning 10 MP after spending 1 hour).

Desire: It can be increased by playing pranks or specific interactive events, drinking juice, or reading pornographic books. When it reaches 100, it must be vented, otherwise it will not be able to interact normally. You can also use props to force it to be locked at 0 or 100.

Favorability: Playing pranks/acting coquettishly/chatting can be slightly improved, or you can buy gifts and give them as gifts. In the early stage, it is recommended to use your rest days to go out to increase your favorability.

The favorability level will be locked before reaching the next stage of the plot event and the upper limit will be locked. You have to work hard to trigger the plot.

But sometimes the plot is difficult to trigger. Even though the time and characters have arrived and you enter the area, it still cannot be triggered. You can switch areas several times.

When a designated character is required to trigger the plot, it can also be triggered if a third person is present.

You can get WP [Bad Boy Points] by playing pranks, and you can get IP [Good Boy Points] by acting like a spoiled child.

IP [Good Boy Points]: 1 point for washing your hands one hour before eating, acting coquettishly, picking up more pants and sending them to the laundry basket (1 point for each item), converting your favorability to the upper limit, triggering specific events (such as studying in the library, taking a bath).

WP [Bad Boy Points]: Play more pranks, convert favorability to the upper limit, trigger specific events (locking the door due to urination, night attack).


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