Kristine Plumstead  Kristine has earned a Bachelor of Music in Music Education and a Masters Degree in Educational Leadership. She has been a public school music teacher for 18 years, teaching General Music, Concert Band and Choir, and piano. She is also a certified school supervisor and principal. She is certified as an Early Childhood Center Director, as well, with training to teach children from birth through college. She is a mother to an amazing 11-year old daughter. She believes that music can open doors for every child. It is a passage into the imagination, a study in discipline, an outlet to explore creativity, and a never-ending adventure in learning. She believes that every child can learn the universal language of music. Kristine has taught music privately: beginner and intermediate-level piano, along with specializing in concert band instruments, for over 20 years and is experienced with teaching English-Language-Learners as well as students with special needs.