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Spotlight Music

Do you have questions related to music lessons and acting classes provided by Spotlight Music? We are one of the leading music schools in Flemington, NJ, providing music lessons in various instruments and voice.

We try to anticipate questions you might have about arts instruction and provide the answers here. If you need additional information, please call us.

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1. How young is too young to begin lessons?

We suggest that children 4-5 years of age begin with piano or violin lessons. At this age children have begun to develop longer attention spans and can retain material with ease. Preschool children (3 and younger) often do well in group music classes. For vocal, guitar, brass, or woodwind instruments, we recommend no younger than 7 years of age. Adults can start on any instrument at any age.

2. Do you teach beginner and advanced students?

Yes, our extremely qualified staff is trained to teach from the 5 years old beginner, to the high school student preparing for college music auditions, to the professional musician looking to fine tune their skills.

3. How do I sign up?

Call or stop in between business hours to find out the availability of our instructors, fill out a registration form (which can be done over the phone as well) and have a credit card handy for payment of the first month of tuition. (If done in person, payment can be made by check)

4. What days and hours do your instructors teach?

Our instructors are here Monday through Thursday between the hours of 2pm-8:30pm

5. How much are music lessons?

Spotlight music has a tuition policy. Tuition is $140.00 a month for a half-hour lesson, $175.00 a month for a 45 minute lesson, and $280.00 a month for an hour lesson.

6. Do you offer make-up lessons?

Yes, make-up lessons are offered if you cancel your lesson 24-hours in advance.

7. What if my child decides that music lessons are not for them?

If your child decides that they want to leave our facility, simply fill out a withdrawal form at the front desk a week before the next month begins and you are free of any obligations to us.

8. Do you follow the public school calendar for holidays/school closings?

No, Spotlight Music is a private business. We are closed on Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve/Day, New Year’s Eve/Day, Memorial Day, and Independence Day only. All other days we are open for business.

9. Why should I take lessons at a music school, rather than go to a private residence for lessons?

Being in a creative environment, surrounded by other musicians of all levels is very inspiring. You can’t get that same experience in someone’s living room or basement.

10. Do I need to own the instrument that I am taking lessons on?

Yes, practicing in the weeks between your lessons is essential. We carry a full line of guitars, electric keyboards, drums, and band instruments for your convenience

11. Can I wait for my child during the lessons?

Yes, we have a very comfortable waiting area complete with coffee station, water cooler, TV, and magazines for your convenience.